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I'm testing Couch over a month and I like it a lot. Everything works great so far, except one thing: I got errors on long page names, e.g. keyword-related-page-name.php
The pages are non-clonable pages, and for SEO reasons I'm trying to use keywords in their name, but all I got when adding pages to Couch is an error on the bottom of page saying that the page couldn't be added to the table. What I'm doing wrong?
Hi Atisz,

You are doing nothing wrong.
Problem is that the length of the field where the template name gets stored in database is not large enough to accommodate the long names of your templates (clonable pages will not have this problem).

As a workaround, you can use phpMyAdmin to execute the following query to increase the field length -
Code: Select all
ALTER TABLE `couch_templates`
  MODIFY `name` varchar(256) NOT NULL;

Please let me know if this helps.

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