I have been tasked with creating a online booking system for a client and thinking of the best way to do it, the requirements are below

I have copied what the client sent me, I have tried to word it bit better so hopefully it's easier to understand

"Make a Calendar Booking System including a link to the class or have a book class button for payment which will be PayPal, I now have a Pottery studio & intend to run short courses offering single days and multiple day courses.

Single classes run Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 1.00pm

Pottery classes can be booked individually for £38.00 per person or a package of three classes for £102.00 (a saving of £12.00) can be booked/purchased. The three class package must be used within 1 calendar month (28 days) of the date of sale/booking (only if possible)

people have the option to book 1x3hour day @ £38.00.

People also have the option to book 3X3 hour days 1 a week for 3 weeks at £102.00 (a discount of £12.00).

The 3 day classes have to be linked together, so if someone books 1 day and goes to pay they will be charged the fee of £38.00, if someone clicks on 3 days consecutively they should be charged the fee of £102.00

The three day classes will run 1 a week so part one on week 1, part two on week 2 and part three on week 3 then starts again from part 1 on week 4 and so on and they can't book part 2 and 3 without booking part 1 first

I have a limit to the number of people who can attend on any given day which is 4"

Hopefully that all makes sense

Was thinking is it possible to create the system maybe with a combination of the event calendar and couchcart and a login and signup feature which think there is a addon that does the signup and login feature.

Look forward to hearing some feedback and advice on if it can be done within couchcms