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I'm fully aware that as person with ability to code oscillating at rock-bottom level of the ocean floor, effectively limiting my ability to comfortably use the Couch, I may sound a bit ridiculous, but ...

I think Couch is amazing!

I remenber like it was yesterday that first time i sat on the Couch was around 2015.I was in desperate need to create myself easy to update portfolio galery. Thanks to the Couch, I was able not only to create a website thanks to which I neatly presented my works on the Internet, tickling my ego every time the visit counter placed proudly in the footer showed a higher value, but also allowed me to create easy way for my and my friends to transfer source documents betwen dorm and lesson classes.

These were hard times for graphic design student. Cloud file hosting was at best a good idea for a science-fiction novel back then, the source files i was working on had considerable sizes and the flash drive technology had the opposite, but I managed and thanks to Couch, we didn't have to burn CDs at max speed x8 every time before classes, and my rating among girls increased a lot <3

As I modestly mentioned at the beginning, I'm a lame programmer, my work is not closely related to IT, but when a sudden need appear, then I willingly sit on the Couch.

The documentation on was very helpful at the beginning in 2015 , but it is rather basic, and that is why I am so happy that the community on this forum has been so active and willing to help for so many years. It is a real Byzantium of knowledge when it comes to the Couch.

I run into a problem every now and then, but your posts are so accurate, and there are so many already given solutions that so far I've managed to solve many of them without having to post directly asking for help. I learned a lot from you and thank you very much for that Couch community!

As it is usually the case, I feel that more I know, the more I know that I don't know, and this is mainly because of that I am not able to follow all the changes on a regular basis, so I have strong impression that I missed a lot of important information on the way.

When i try to make more complex issues (propably most of you woud'nt call complex at all) I often catch myself that after finding a solution to my problem on forum I have to dig further just to find a way to implement it correctly.

My Grandma used to say it's worth asking smarter people than you for help therefore, I am asking you for tips on how to aproach all of this. What I should get acknoelage with in order to feel comfortable on the couch? As i have noticed Couch project is beeing developed lineary and I'm preatty sure that at least in few cases creating some functions opened the way to created other, right? That's why I guess i shoud learn them in some order. Can anybody indicate me the direction in wiht I should do it? Are posts on forum the only source of information or do you have a secret inner circle c; ?

I will be very grateful for help, as every time I find solutions here.

Sorry for bad English, it has gotten a bit rusty,
All best to everyone on the Couch c:
That's why I guess i shoud learn them in some order.

School's no more. Quoted line sounds linear and has no goal. It's best to learn the next feature for the project aka problem-oriented approach. Post a problem and people here will point at necessary tech (and how it works) to cover to actually solve the problem. That's how to learn sellable skill.

If there is no interesting project or client that wish some task done easier, then formulate your own problem and this will be a starting point to learn.

Finally, PHP+SQL is behind it all.. reading and discussing here the Couch source code is very helpful.

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