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I'm sure I'm being stupid but I can't find the download for version 2.3. Help please?

The current version at GitHub is 2.3 -

Hope this helps.
Thanks for that. I've never been able to get to terms with github; I just seem to go around in circles even though I've been a member for decades!

I'm just looking for a simple download package ready for installation - any chance?
Not a problem :) has a simple "Download" button (in the left box).
Ah, thanks. I believe that was the version I was trying to install having downloaded it yesterday. The documentation only mentions version 2 as far as I can see. How can I identify version 2.3 from the download please?

Much appreciate your help on this.
The version available for download is always the current one (2.3 as of this post).

Version of an unknown installation can be ascertained by taking a look at 'couch/header.php' and finding 'K_COUCH_VERSION'; you should see the following in the version you are trying to install -
Code: Select all
define( 'K_COUCH_VERSION', '2.3' ); // Changes with every release
define( 'K_COUCH_BUILD', '20220611' ); // YYYYMMDD - do -

Hope this helps.
OK. Sorry to say that is is 2.3 that spawned the errors when I had PHP 8.1.0 selected. No problems once I reverted to 7.4.26.

I'm running Windows 11 by the way: not that I think it influences anything but just so you're in the picture.
OK. Thanks for the heads-up.
I'll take a look at the issue.
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