I am just playing about with the new couchcms pagebuilder feature and used the demo on viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13148 and just trying to understand how it works, I see the covers and about us.

Am I right in saying that a new template needs to be created for example called test.html in the root that has the layout before couch code integrated then add it to the index.php file in the root within the pagebuilder coding then create a new php file within blocks called test.php then within couch/snippets/pb folder create a folder called test and within the theme folder create the html files with the different layouts of sections for the user to add where they like.

Is that correct so they are creating the page with the sections they like in any order so the web designer still creates the design of each section but the user/admin can choose where to put that designed section on any page, that correct?