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I have a new client who runs an agency for performers such as tribute bands and other entertainers primarily for pubs, parties, weddings, etc. The client list is around a hundred and the list changes from time to time as does the content of each artiste's data.

I'd like to use Couch but I'm unsure as to the best way of implementing the database/Couch combination so that clients can be added, deleted and/or modified. I use Bootstrap 4 as my framework with Maria 10.6.5 DB; Apache 2.4.51; PHP 7.4.26; HTML5.

All suggestions gratefully received - TIA, Ken
Why do you mention your stack and frameworks, does it even matter? Definitely not. :)

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Hi Ken,

More details would be required for charting out exactly which templates and what editable regions within those templates would be required.

However, off the hat, I can say that the 'clients' (performers) would be the main clonable template.
One of its main fields could be the 'Client Type' (e.g. bands etc.).
If the data required for each 'type' may differ, we can use 'conditional fields' to show/hide appropriate regions.

In case each 'client' needs to be associated with more separate data (e.g. each of their 'performances'), we can use a separate template for that and use 'relations' to tie up the two templates.

Of course, as I said, we'll need more info to provide any concrete solution (and as @trendoman mentioned, Couch is framework agnostic so your stack will work for whatever way you choose to implement things).

Hope this helps.
Thanks very much KK. Good food for thought and very helpful as always.
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