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On the tutorial page entitled "Diving Deep: The Blog (Part 2)" near the bottom is this bit of code:

I am new to coding; but, this doesn't look/feel right to me. Should the link tag <a name="<cms:show k_comment_anchor />"> have a closing tag, i.e., </a>. The new code also does not appear to provide any link text--"Reply", for instance. It seems to me that the full line should be:
<a name="<cms:show k_comment_anchor />">Reply</a>
or something similar.

If I am incorrect, could someone please explain how and why?

Yes, you are correct about the missing closing tag; strictly speaking, it is required and should be there (it actually is in the original HTML code so it is my mistake while porting).

As for the missing text e.g. 'Reply', empty anchors are OK and browsers don't seem to mind it. You may, of course, go ahead and place it if you must display something there.

Thanks for the heads-up.
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