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Hello KK, hi Couchies!
I have to start with giving my appreciation to Couch CMS - I did not work with Couch Lingo for some time, but it was not difficult to remember it, it has the quality of a natural language! That is what I like so much about it! :P And again and again it makes me so happy with it's felxibility - I have to rearange or add some thigns in the code from time to time, and I everytime am so happy, that with Couch semantic there exist several ways to solve something - that is so helpful!

But I also have a question ;) : I want to unpublish some pages on my website, and would like to leave them in the menu (or the button) and let them direct to another page. I thought using the options that exist for nested pages might help me. I am not sure though, what would that mean for my SEO in the scenario that I have, as describe below:

My website was made in 2015 and I never activated nested pages. If I change my normal clonable templates to activate also nested pages, would that delete all the pages I have already created with that non-clonable template?

So generally, I was wondering , if using masquerading or pointing option from the pages I want to unpublish, could help me with "page not found" issue that will come. Instead of redirecting from .httacess file or other solutions like that, when I page is deleted.
Thanks for the kind words, Tanja :)

Replying to your query -
I wouldn't suggest converting normal pages to nested ones only for the purpose of redirection (because this would also necessitate making other changes to your code e.g. how the pages are listed etc.).

The best way would be using .htaccess (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12684#p35784).

That said, since this is a pretty common requirement, I'll try to make a 'redirector' addon - should get it out soon.
Hopefully that should be easier to work with for the end-users.
Hi Kamran, thanks for the reply! :)
Ok, than I will use .htacess to redirect those pages... An addon for that purpose would be great!

Best regards!
Hi Tanja,

I have just posted the addon I mentioned -

It'd be great if you could use it and let me know if it helps.

Hi KK, thanks! I somehow missed your post, saw it just today! I'll try it out and let you know....
Hi KK,
it took me some time to come back to work on my website. Addon works awesome - as everything else you make!!!!
Thanks a lot !!!!
You are welcome, @Tanja :)
Thanks for the feed back; I am glad the addon helped.
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