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Hello everyone!
I'm running into a little issue here: I have a nested pages structure that includes also clonable pages as in following picture:
Those with "... Book" at the end of name are clonable pages, with details about the book: author (editable field book_author), title (editable field book_title), cover pic, year, etc. For adding and listing pages, everything is working alright. The issue I have is that I want to show in a div, on the front-end, the last 5 new books added, iterating all the categories, like in the following pseudo-code.
Code: Select all
<cms:nested_pages masterpage="index.php" childof="Categories" depth='0' ignore_show_in_menu='1' >
      <cms:pages ALL_CLONABLE_PAGES orderby='publish_date' order='desc'>
            <h2><cms:show book_title /></h2>
            <h3><cms:show book_author /></h3>

I can't figure it out :oops: Any suggestion for "ALL_CLONABLE_PAGES" ? Thanks a lot!
Perhaps the following would help? -
Hi KK! Yes, the solution from the link you mention works flawlessly. Thank you!
You are welcome :)
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