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i have a site using Paypal at checkout.
I would like this removed, so buyer receives an email instead of being taken to paypal.
So the user would get directed to success page and the payment info would be sent via the seccess_email
What would be the best way to do this?

Perhaps the following would help -
I tried this, however when the "Buy" button is clicked the page just refreshes and the name, address fields are empty, although the emails are sent to the user and to admin, how do i get it to redirect to a success page after?

EDIT: It seems to redirect to checkout.php#kformname0

I really need a solution for this :(
how do i get it to redirect to a success page after?

In the k_success block you'll find <cms:redirect k_page_link /> which redirects to the same page effectively refreshing it
(the quoted example uses 'flash variables' (Session Variables - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7377) to display a success message on the same page).

You may set the URL of your target success page as param for <cms:redirect> to load that page on successful form submission.
Sorry i don't fully understand
I have
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        <cms:set_flash name='success_flash_msg' value="<p class='success'>Thank you for your order!</p>" />
        <cms:redirect k_page_link />

But the flash message does not show on completion, the page just refreshes, and i am not sure where to set the k_page_link
i am not sure where to set the k_page_link

It is right there in the code you quoted -
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<cms:redirect k_page_link />

Please modify that line to make it, e.g., as follows -
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<cms:redirect "" />

Use the correct target URL and upon successful form submission, the user should get redirected to that page.
Hope this helps.
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