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In which css file can I add a new class in order to format text in the admin editor please?
For example, if I want to create a class like this:-
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.newclass {
  color: rgb(190, 0, 0);
  text-align: center;
  font-size: 1.6rem;
  font-weight: bold;
  padding-bottom: 0.1rem;
  padding-top: 1rem;

Where should I set that up?

I am not sure what exactly your use-case is but, assuming you meant styling the contents as shown within the type 'richtext' region in the admin-panel, the documentation discusses a few ways of doing this - ... htext.html

Do let us know more about what you intend to do and perhaps we may have some suggestions that could help.
My apologies. It's been a while since I worked with Couch and had forgotten how the CKEditor was supposed to work.

My problem is that I'm not getting a full toolbar although my editable regions are specified like this:-
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<cms:editable name='local_text' label='Local News' toolbar='full' type='richtext'>

Am I missing something here? What I want to be able to do is format font size and color when editing.

TIA, Ken
I used the exact definition you posted and the resultant editable region shows the full toolbar (three rows including the 'font' and 'color' you mentioned), as can be seen below -
celt.png (20.04 KiB) Viewed 286 times

So, nothing wrong with your code.
Please make sure you have visited the templates as super-admin for the change to get picked up by Couch.
Weird! This is my own website and there's only one user - me as Super Admin.

I've closed all tabs, cleared all caches, restarted and tried 3 different browsers all to no avail. I still end up with just the two lines of options in the editor like so:
CKEditor2.jpg (82.28 KiB) Viewed 283 times
The label above the regions suggests it is a different region from what is specified in the definition you posted.
Are you sure you are working with the correct template?
Yes, the screenshot shows a region in the same web page. All editable regions on the page are defined similarly. This is the code for the region illustrated:-
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<cms:editable name='main_text' label='Header text' toolbar='full' type='richtext'>
Well, that is strange.
Anyway, please PM me a copy of your template and I'll try and see if I can spot the reason.
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