I use this (simplified) code to display a featured album-cover

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<cms:template title='Music'  />

<cms:repeatable name="bcamp_albums">   
        <cms:editable name='bcamp_album_desc' label='Album Description' type='richtext' />
        <cms:editable name='bcamp_album_info' label='Album Embed Code'  type='textarea' no_xss_check='1' />

<cms:show_repeatable 'bcamp_albums' >

          <cms:show bcamp_album_desc />
          <div class='embed-container'>

              <cms:show bcamp_album_info />

Let's say i then add five albums

i'd like to have a choice where the user can choose which one who is to be the current "featured album" to display from these

I guess one solution could include a radio-button? (only one album can be featured), but how do i code that so the user can choose only one of them and then it will be saved with "bcamp_albums"?

In fact, i'd also like to have first a choice of "enabling" all this, so they

1. first choose yes/no to show a featured album, then
2)make one of them the "current featured" album