When i'm developing the next site I'd like to have a special page that can be shown during the time i'm developing the site until it's ready for launch (Not a maintenance-mode "404").

I see two cases for this page:

    1.The allready mentioned situation "during development" to attract google, and everybody else that the site is there and "coming soon"
    2.The other case when this would come very handy is when there is a release or a special event that is to be promoted. This page would then be shown with a button to "continue to the full site"

I'd prefer if the page could return status 200 so it can be indexed by the search robots.
I like the simple and powerful solution that we allready have now in couchcms, where it is easily possible to add a 404.php, and a 503.php

How would i accomplish this?

Edit: I think that i will have to go searching in the jungle of modal popup-pages for this, and call it with javascript from the index.php, then when the visitor click on "skip" it will close and they come back to see the normal frontpage

Edit: Almost there... https://www.couchcms.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12940