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UPDATE: Writing tags, concepts etc... has moved to GitHub. Visit Midware » CHANGELOG to see latest up-to-date publications.

I'll write everything I can there. Feedback and help solicited as always.


@KK, a quick question for you, if I may - how is it going with documenting the new tags and concepts for Couch? A lot has been introduced since a while. Are there any new pages for tags done but not uploaded yet?
No progress on this front for now, I am afraid, Anton.
Okay. Recently I began adding a tag or two or more into my integrated help system every day. I mean the system where I simply add parameter help='1' to any tag and some help page is displayed inline without need to go online.
I can not promise anything, but rumors spread I get this complete by summer for 250+ tags.
Everyone who reads this - please give a feedback about the following setup:

Let's say, I am working on adding users via Extended Users addon. I add a tag and wish to refresh its documentation, so I write this and reload my page which shows some help below.
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<cms:activation_link help='1' />

Help page on cms:activation_link tag
2020-02-05_205915.png (28.62 KiB) Viewed 33399 times
That looks awesome, Anton!
With the kind of detail you are putting into a tag, I think it'd become absolutely indispensable for any serious work.

I am making this thread sticky to help it reach to more of our users.
Keep us posted.
Thank you, KK.
I am still looking for more feedbacks and from other members as well, because it is important to know what is best for the people.

Today I am making things even more easy to use - welcome <cms:get_help /> tag. I let it present itself on its own :) -
get_help.png (16.84 KiB) Viewed 33351 times

All it takes to get help on another tag is to change value in querystring -

arr_key_exists.png (16.31 KiB) Viewed 33351 times

If there is nothing in the querystring, then there is no output and we can resume working on our page. Of course we can place <cms:get_help /> tag anywhere on page top or bottom, for uninterrupted work. Internally, it works very simply and piggybacks on 'help' parameter addon.
Hello trendoman,
I am very much interested in this great initiative. Is it ready for implementation? If yes, how do I use it? Thank you
Thank you for your interest, it is meant to be released ASAP because developers deserve to have all the docs.
It takes the toll to do that for 250+ tags, because I take effort to -

#1 read through Couch native code to mention up-to-date params
#2 search through forum to get links to mods and add essential examples
#3 include links to official documentation that is spread over many places
#4 cover addons that introduced more tags
# provide tips for some tags about how they work internally (see example below)

I am looking forward to the stories of how you people find your way to work through documentation, because ultimately It is what makes a good user experience.
KK, what would you suggest to write for the tags used in the '_system' theme?
These are like The Six Wives of Henry VIII - kinda unreachable unless one dives deep into the core -

These are like The Six Wives of Henry VIII


My suggestion would be to skip all the wives.. er, <cms:admin_ tags. Focusing just on the frontend tags would be much more helpful all around, IMHO.
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