I altered the code on index.php to show the id number of the page that has been created as thought that might be easier for the user they want to link to that page from bit of text but noticed using the following code, it removes the checkboxes so can't delete any page

The coding I did put in is below but have removed it since but the checkboxes have not appeared back since

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<cms:config_list_view orderby='weight' order='asc'>
    <cms:show 'k_page_id'/>
    <cms:field 'k_page_title' sortable='0' />
    <cms:field 'k_page_date' />
    <cms:field 'k_up_down' />
    <cms:field 'k_actions' />

Is there anything else I can do to get the checkboxes back again that used to show on the left on the page title name

UPDATE: Just found a way to add it back in, found the solution KK posted on this post: viewtopic.php?t=10241

I added in
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<cms:field 'k_selector_checkbox' />
and is working all ok now