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Dear couchies, I hope it is ok to post this here. We are looking for a new developer for our firm and because we really like couch we would like to find someone who is experienced in this platform. Therefore posting it here made sense.

BB-Remarkable is looking for a driven web developer to strengthen our team. Do you have experience in front-end web development and would you like to work on very diverse projects? Then we would love to hear from you! We offer you a job in a growing company. Your position is therefore not defined and gives room for personal growth. We see you as an expert within our team and therefore weigh your opinion heavily in our projects.

Job requirements:

HBO thinking level
Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Knowledge of PHP, SCSS, LESS and SASS is an advantage
Experience with working in Bootstrap
Able to work independently and in a structured way within the team's planning
Good communication skills
Experience with working in DirectAdmin
We offer:

A challenging position with career opportunities
Your opinion matters
Various assignments
Type of employment: Full-time
Hi Saskia,

Thank you for this post. 8-) This is an interesting opportunity, but I have doubts.
Please donate us some of your time to explain further.

Is it so, that you expect a rookie to work overtime a lot? Here is a quote from your page that proves that 9-17 job is NOT something you like -
Een 9 tot 5 baan is nooit iets voor mij geweest. Als je na 5 uur 's middags niet meer met je werk bezig wilt zijn, doe je naar mijn idee iets waar je geen passie voor hebt. Gelukkig kreeg ik in 2014 bij BB-Remarkable de kans om te werken in een team dat nieuwe ontwikkelingen boven alles stelt.

Since you are now a Manager (Director) in the company, you seem to be the person who sets the rules, so I wonder if you could explain in somewhat more details the expected schedule and what does "Flexible" mean. I am from a part of the world that is known to be treated unfairly in developed countries when working remotely, hence the concern.

I am sure the reply would be insteresting for others as well, so let's make this topic as Q&A. :)
@Saskia, you are welcome to post such openings on the forum.

Apropos the position you mentioned, perhaps you'd also like to further clarify whether it is a 'remote' one or not?
Hi KK and Trendoman,

Thanks for your replies. We are looking for an "in house" developer, someone to work from our office in Montfoort, the Netherlands.

And yes, I myself don't stop working after 17:00, I feel that comes with the repsonsibility of my position. When I started working for our company I was the first employee so a lot more flexibility was needed from me. Now that we have grown and have a bigger team working this is no longer necessary.
We don't force anyone from our company to work overtime. We do ask people in busy periods if it fits them to help extra, this happened twice over a period of 12 months and lasted no longer than one week. Employees are ofcourse always free to decline.

Also we offer a contract based upon dutch law, which protects employees from the kind of exploitation your refer to.

I hope this answers your questions, if you have any more questions please let me know!
@Saskia, thanks for your thorough reply and kudos to @KK for a sharp question :) .

I advise to consider posting this job offer on local resourses as well, like job listings, government job website etc. It is probable that you will find a local employee with knowledge of Couch since this CMS is not hard to learn, especially for hardcore developers with backend experience and solid PHP background. Consider posting an international job offer with relocation option here next summer if no one applies in 6 months.

I have read that a non-senior developer can expect 50-60k yearly in your country, is it close to your estimate?
@Saskia, will you consider a Remote position due to pandemic's restrictions?
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