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I got Google Recaptcha working fine in the couchcms demo site I have put together and the form submits and I get the email but in the email I receive it shows the following message

The following is an email sent by a visitor to your site:
subject: test subject
message: test message

Is there any way the recaptcha_test: could be removed if possible

I did have a look round on the forum and Google but could not see any solution
Please take a look at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7126&p=34726#p34713 - as shown in that thread, try using field values individually instead of using the k_success variable.
Ahh ok thank you, looking at the link and the field values would work instead of using the k_success variable
Thank you again KK, that link you provided and the code within it worked perfect

Thank you
You are welcome.
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