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quick question regarding databound-forms and setting relations if they are set to reverse_has=''one".

Setup is:
- there is a template A ( with set relation as follows)
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<cms:editable type='relation' name='blogpost_owner' masterpage='blog-single.php' reverse_has='one'/>

and this template is set as index file for users ( extented-users ) - therefore each user has exactly one page.

Then there is second related clonable template ( blog-single.php ) to which new content should be added via databound form. In process I'd like to set that relation based on the user ID submitting the form ( or anyhow :D )

I have no trouble setting it via databound form linked to template A via:
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<cms:input name='blogpost_owner' type='bound' /><br />

but i cannot figure out way how to set-it from the other way ( from databound form linked to blog-single.php ) as logically there is no defined relation within that template. ( error: no definied region etc. etc.. )

Is there any way?

Perhaps the solution is simple - place the editable to the blog template, not the users template. Is there any objection to this?
Use reverse relation to quickly see blog posts of each user - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8559#p16293
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