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When I put over 10 conditional fields dependent on a one field, it works well.

Then I put this same code into a repeatable region, until 10 conditional fields does work, but over 10 conditional fields does not work.

Are there a way to hanndle over 10 conditional fields in repeatable region?
Change the datatype of the repeatable in database, then it can hold more code. I suspect the amount of code overflows default schema and I had a similar problem in the past.
@trendoman is right. I intend to address this issue in the core soon but for now you may make the change yourself -
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ALTER TABLE `couch_fields` MODIFY `custom_params` mediumtext;

Use phpMyAdmin (or any DB tool at your disposal) and run the raw SQL given above.

Note:if you have configured any table prefix in couch/config.php, the table name 'couch_fields' will require that prefix.
Thank you @trendoman and @KK.

They will appear, work with no problems.
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