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I have 2 admin levels. Level-1 and Level-2. I have all the permissions for Level-1. I have let’s say, 4 pages. I want to my Level-2 admin to edit only 1 page. They can not edit other pages on admin panel. I tried access_level but it blocks viewing the page. I want the page to be seen by everyone, but can be edited by only Level-1. Or only by one user.

Thanks in advance,
Couch doesn't support 'levels' of admins (apart from superadmin-admin dichotomy) out of the box. You may find several topics with access control discussed in forum. Some possible workarounds were posted as well.
Well, actually I just need this:

I already use Couch's default admin levels (superadmin, admin which is level 7 and 10 I guess) and I want level 7 one to be able to see and login to admin panel, and he only can edit one page but can not edit the other ones, only level 10 one have the full-permissions. Isn't it possible?
Exactly, thank you so much <3
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