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I saw in the forum DataTables used at the back-end (admin part) of CouchCMS.
However I am interested in using it in the front-end.

I've setup DataTables on my site and am wondering is there a way for the user to create cloned articles from the admin panel and populate the front-end DataTables automatically with the titles and links to them?

The HTML looks like this:

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<table id="articles_table" class="display"> 
            <td>Platelet indices as biomarkers for characterization and determination of severity in canine chronic enteropathy</td>
            <td>S.O. Mehain | J.M. Haines | P.M. Lee</td>
            <td>Age when presumptive innocent cardiac murmurs spontaneously disappear in clinically healthy Cairn terrier puppies</td>
            <td>M.D.B. van Staveren | V. Szatmári</td>

Is there a way to accomplish this? Maybe through repeat and cms:link?

Advises would be much appreciated!
Could be as simple as this -
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        <td><cms:show title /></td>
        <td><cms:show author /></td>
        <td><a href="<cms:show k_page_link />">Read</a></td>
Hi trendoman,

Thank you very much for the reply!
Unfortunately it breaks the datatables plugin somehow.
The functionality is gone - pagination, sorting, search.

What I am after is a way to be able to:
- generate article from the admin panel which will be contained in a page on the server, after,
- on the frontpage, to generate a meaningful link in datatables and when the link is clicked
- to open a bootstrap modal, which pulls the content from the generated article page on the server.

I know it must be feasible, but, as it seems is too far out of reach for my competence :(

Anyway, thanks again. I'll continue to pursue a solution.
Simple. I have a spare hour, so if you let me work with an example HTML (frontend sample datatable and a modal) it can be done quickly. Also, it is advisable to pull modal's content via a separate ajax request if at some point there will be tens or hundreds of articles. I accept paypal.
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