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I have just spotted is not showing on the index.php page that is a nested and clonable page

I originally had the following in the HTML

<cms:editable name='welcome_text_content' toolbar='full' type='richtext'>
The team at Techie Monkey have over 21 years of IT experience and specialise in the refurbishment and repair of second user PC's, laptops and Apple Macs.
Techie Monkey are your first choice for computer sales and repair in both Northern Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.
Please view our website, <a href="/shop/index.php" target="_blank">browse our shop</a>, and if you <a href="<cms:show k_site_link />contact.php">have any questions, please free to ask a member of our team for assistance</a>.
Thank you for visiting our website and looking at our services.

I realised it then was not working, so I moved above code in between the tags
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<cms:template clonable='1' nested_pages='1' title='Home' order='1'> and </cms:template>
and I then put
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<cms:show welcome_text_content />
where the text content needs to be but is not working either

On the cms side, I can see the editable region with the text showing but is not showing on the front end for some reason, could it be that the page name is home and I have
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<cms:if k_is_page = '1' >
    <cms:redirect k_site_link />
so it redirects to instead of

I will keep looking for a solution in the mean time
UPDATE: I took the redirect off so the url is and the content is showing so will look into the redirect further to find the correct way to do it
Ian, in clonable templates, values of editable regions are associated with individual cloned pages.
That is to say, you'll get to see a page's values only in a 'page-view'.

On a page-view, as you mentioned, you are redirecting the visitor to the home-view which does not know what value to show.

If you wish to show some particular page's regions in the home-view, you'll have to specifically fetch those values e.g. as follows -
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<cms:pages page_name='put_your_page_name_here'>
    <cms:show whatever_region />

If, on the other hand, you want some regions associated with the home-view itself (as opposed to individual pages), please use the 'Template globals' as described in the following post -

Hope this helps.
Thank you KK, I have studied the reply carefully to understand it and looked at the template globals section on the link as well and understand it, I have gone with the first method as suits what is needed more and is working all ok now

Thank you KK
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