To be honest I am not sure if I have done it right as don't seem ideal but I have made index.php nested page and clonable only so the client can have control over the menu names/links

I have then made the about page standalone as the page name won't ever change and only the content maybe will over time but I have made that so they can edit the content on it

I then made IT Support and IT Disposal clonable pages so they can change the name of the page and the content and I then added a menu name in the home nested page on the cms side and made it redirect to and

I did have to generate the htaccess from the cms side after doing the other pages

Is it possible someone could just tell me that it's the right way of doing it, sorry I have tried my best to do it on my own and not 100% sure it's right but hopefully am step closer to it doing what is required

All the pages have the correct layout design so the home page and other pages have the corrected designs/layouts