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sorry hopefully last issue, I have pretty urls enabled and got .htaccess file in the root of the site and used nested pages so the client can manage the nav menu themselves and create pages and manage existing pages content from the couchcms admin side. The issue I have is if I am not logged into the couchcms side, the index.php comes up page not found but if I log in, the index.php page on the site loads fine

The site is

UPDATE: Is it because the template used for the nested pages is the about-us.php page and not the index.php page? I used about-us.php as that is the template design I want to use as the index.php has a different design/layout to the other pages
I have solved this issue, I had executable='0' in the index.php file so removed it and is ok now

The next issue I have just found is if I visit the about us page it comes up as but it should be

Am guessing it's the same for the other pages as well. How do I solve that issue as looked on Google and couchcms forum for the same issue but can't find a solution
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