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Hey there,
Can we do an online course website like udemy with couch cms? I think with addons like extended users and couch cart, it can be but I really dont know where to start? Can someone lead me?
Almost anything can be done in theory. Show the full feature list. I promise to get back to your reply and try to spot in it the things that would require more than just Couch tags.
gokmenbekar wrote: Hey trendoman,
Thank you for contacting me. This project is for myself. I want to do something like udemy but I dont know where to start

If there is no plan, there is no war :)

A good start is to plan everything step by step. For example, you can start with login.

It is very easy to miss some features if you limit your imagination and think that login form can be quickly handled by Extended Users. Let me explain. Couch does not support (yet) login with social networks accounts, however it may seem to be the first required feature for a serious website. If a user can not create an account quickly with his Google email or Facebook page, then the project looks cheap and not worthy, right?

login box
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So even such small thing like login box and login template can pause the whole development. And without the thoroughly thought feature-list you can not possibly foresee other issues. It should be obvious that I am not talking about only coding (couchifying) the ready design, I am also talking about the benefits of the feature list to the design process.

Does it help you start?

Important P.S.:
A login form is maybe the simplest example, yet it is a bottleneck if you consider more must-have features, like two-factor authentication to secure the user area (or there will probably be financial / reputational losses). Couch doesn't help here yet.

Also there are no serious learning websites without mobile app (to watch videos on the go, chat with teachers / students etc.) Recently @genxcoders contacted me to research how to allow a secure login from his app with the main website. This feature needs a token-based authentication (a known and proven way to secure remote login). Couch doesn't help here yet either.

So, in theory anything can be done, but a sound investment of both time and money is a must to develop missing features. Of course, I can help with the coding part.


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