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for a new website we need mollie (the number one most used payment gateway in the Netherlands) integration as a payment gateway in our Couch shop. Although we have a lot of experience with couch, we have very little experience with PHP, so we have tried but failed to integrate.

Is there anyone who can build this integration for us? We wouldn't mind to pay for it (a price in advance would be nice).

This is the documentation Mollie offers:

Kind regards,


a. I get it you need a portable integration to use not only with the mentioned website, but to have it at hand for other websites as well (since Mollie is the "one most used payment gateway in the Netherlands"). Hence, a standalone php addon deeply integrated with CouchCMS would be the best choice.

b. You did not provide any technical specs about how deep that supposed addon would need to extend and Mollie offers 17 different APIs on the page you mentioned, which is a lot more than Couch's Paypal solution has, for example.

Given the a. and b. points, I think the best developer choice for such a task would be the mighty Kamran Kashif (@KK) himself and I wonder why you made a public forum post and whether you tried to hire the CouchCMS Author for that task (he might be too busy though, idk).

All in all, if it's not @KK, then I can technically step in and craft that solution with all due diligence, given the task requires a lot of time and effort, which both are at my disposal, as well as experience with Couch's backstage. Without knowing the specs, I'd start betting from as low as $2k and a month of reserved time. Edit: /* After reviewing some samples for other CMS's, I can say that a better arrangement will include extra paid support for xx months after delivery, for changes in API and probable further tweaks/demands. Edit ends */ Considered, we are talking about a payment system meant for others to work with (with your firm's rep at stake), I don't advise looking for a cheap and not thorough solution. It'd be interesting to know what other offers you might get on this if any. Thanks.
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