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I've got a static html site that I want to make editable without going into the html (for others who want to change content on the site - mainly text elements). Couch CMS looks like a good way to make this happen (or is there an easier one? i'm not an expert in this stuff) but i'm not sure what server to deploy from Digital Ocean. LAMP? LEMP? PHPMyAdmin?
If your site is not hosted yet (is it?) start working in a local environment first. As to those abbreviations, spend time to google it yourself, but at this moment it seems to be too soon to even think about purchasing a server.
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As trendoman has pointed out, you can start by installing the WAMP/LAMP on your local machine, as it includes an Apache server, MySQL +or some other database) and phpmyadmin.

Then I suggest you look around for a shared (linux) hosting and own domain such as for example GoDaddy. They come pretty cheap and do the trick ... as you probably know, having that static website.

Own server, whether housed, virtual or managed, is another level.

Hope this helps.
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