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Hi, guys, I just came across a mysql-related peculiarity that some of you may well have a solution for:

How would you move the couch including its populated database from one server (non-https) to another (https), while retaining the existing content, please?

Long story: I have been working on a couchified website on my private (non-https) ftp. I am now switching to the live environment, so far I am in a locked subfolder as my client is finishing some content, etc. before going live. Now, from the development stage there is a good by\unch of images and text content, which I wanted to keep intact so that it would not need to be filled in over again. I basically copied the couch and markup including the full /uploads folder, exported the database on one end and imported in on the other end. All looked good until I realized that all couchified images and links still point to my staging ftp.

Would you please anyone know how to flush the couch / database so that the images are linked to https://newserver/couch/uploads/... instead of http://oldserver/couch/uploads/...? Looking into the exported dtb file, it looks as if all the image links there are relative...

Thanks a big bunch in advance!

Edit: I revert! Added the full URL leading to my staging folder and it seems to have done the trick. Stupid me, Couch is so cool. :D Just please let me know if you know any better way of handling this. ;o)
Migrating from development to deployment server ... erver.html
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trendoman wrote: Migrating from development to deployment server ... erver.html

Yay... ;o)
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