I have just integrated simple access control addon and just testing it and I have created a admin user to just access junior-classes.php page from the admin side and I have logged in as the junior class admin user and it's showing two templates, one being adults classes and the other junior classes.

They should only be able to see and edit junior classes, I have checked the config file inside the simple access control folder and it's only got the following coding which looks right to me

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$t['adult-classes.php'] = 'superadminuser';
$t['junior-classes.php'] = 'superadminuser | juniorcoachuser';

Bit confused why the junior coach can see the adults classes template as well and not just the junior classes template

UPDATE: Sorry sorted it, I had the filename wrong in the addons config file, it should of been adults-classes.php not adult-classes.php

It is all ok now