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I'm trying to set up a multilingual website (EN, FR) in accordance with the multilingual add-on.

I have also dynamic folders, where folder name is managed with extended folder feature. I have a "products/product-folders.php" page that sets additional FR input for the folder name. "product-folders.php" page is a hidden template. ... /post2.htm
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<cms:template title='Product Categories' clonable='1' order='10' hidden="1" >
    <cms:editable name="folder_title_fr" type="text" label="Product Category Name (FR)" required='1' order='1' />

Finally, I have a homepage with a slider, and in the admin, I'm linking the slide from a drop-down which lists all pages

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<cms:templates show_hidden='1' orderby='title' order='asc'>
  <cms:show k_template_title />~<cms:show k_template_link /> |
  <cms:if k_template_is_clonable>
    <cms:pages masterpage="<cms:show k_template_name />">
      &nbsp;<cms:show k_page_title  />~<cms:show k_page_link  /> |

Ideally, my slide button should include a link to the folder page where relevant products are listed.
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<cms:editable type='dropdown' label="Choose page" name="page_url" opt_values='list_pages.php' dynamic='opt_values' val_separator='~'/>

My problem: generated links for the slide button list "product-folders.php" values and page comes null. Instead, I need to have "products/index.php" values so to be able to send to relevant product category.

Any ideas?
Please post code that generates the slider otherwise it is hard to tell where the problem is :)
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Dear Trendoman, of course, here is the repeater:

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<cms:repeatable name='home_slider' label="Home Slider Images" order='1' stacked_layout='1' group='product_details' >
        <cms:editable type='image' name='home_slide' label='Detail Image' show_preview='1' preview_width='100' input_width='500' col_width='500' />
        <cms:editable type='text' label='Slide Header (EN)' name='home_slide_header_en' input_width='250' col_width='250' />
        <cms:editable type='text' label='Slide Header (FR)' name='home_slide_header_fr' input_width='250' col_width='250' />
        <cms:editable type='dropdown' label="Choose page" name="page_url" opt_values='list_pages.php' dynamic='opt_values' val_separator='~'/>

And the page code is:
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<cms:set has_details='0' 'global' />
            <cms:capture into='slides_output' >
                <cms:show_repeatable 'home_slider' >
                    <cms:if "<cms:not_empty home_slide />">
                    <div class="js-slide u-bg-img-hero-center" style="background-image: url(<cms:show home_slide />);">
                        <div class="text-center u-space-5">
                          <h1 class="text-white mb-2 slick-caption" data-scs-animation-in="fadeInUp"><cms:if k_lang='en'><cms:show home_slide_header_en /></cms:if><cms:if k_lang='fr'><cms:show home_slide_header_fr /></cms:if></h1>
                          <a class="btn btn-primary btn-sm mt-2 hidden-sm-down" data-scs-animation-in="fadeInUp" data-scs-animation-delay="200" href="<cms:show page_url />" role="button">
                          <cms:if k_lang='en'><cms:show "View Collection" /></cms:if><cms:if k_lang='fr'><cms:show "Explorez la collection" /></cms:if>
                    <cms:set has_detail='1' 'global' />
        <cms:if has_detail >
            <cms:show slides_output />

Basically, "page_url" is generating the link from the dynamic folder extended page ("/products/product-folders.php") instead of "/products/index.php", and the slider element does not link correctly. If it was a monolingual site piece of cake, but I suppose that because I'm using a multilingual structure it behaves like this. Thank you very much.
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