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Is there a way to simplify multiple image uploading to a blog post (clonable template)?

I saw the gallery option, but that is meant to be a separate page (I think?). Is there a way to upload and display batches of images in one go, but on a per-post basis?

Say, in the admin panel, I create my post, fill all the text fields, then click a "browse" button, select these 20 images, and upload them. The end result (frontend) shows me the blog post with the text and a small image gallery inline with the text.

What I currently do, is have a plaintext field, where I just paste my href URLs directly, and upload the images to a folder on the server, but this is getting out of hand.

Any tips appreciated. Thanks!
I think you should find the following post useful -

Hope it helps.
It works great, thank you!
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