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Hi Guys, been a while visited here last.

I need help with a minor couch issues and it goes thus.

1. I am trying to create a two level product categories (i.e. folder and sub-folders). I want to be able to list the main folders in a home or list-view and then if possible link to the child folders before I can reach the page-listing views. How can I achieve these?

2. I was able to create a folder (parent) with a number of child folders, each having pages nested within. Successfully, I was able to make a list view of the parent folders and can link it a list-view of pages within it (parent-folder) irrespective of the child folder they belong.
However, when I link to individual pages, I want to be able to return directly to the parent folder, which I can't achieve, as I keep getting linked back to the child folder (child folder page listing). How can I achieve this i.e. linking from page view directly to parent-folder listing by-passing the child-folder listing-view.

Thank You.
Hello all,

as a follow-up to my questions above, particularly, question 2., I would like to know if one can directly specify a variable named "k_page_parentfolder_link" and "k_page_parentfolder_title".

Thank you
Hi all,

I have sorted the issues I raised in No. 2 by following the method stated in this discussion, viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9327&p=20011&hilit=is_ancestor#p20011, Thank you.
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