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Hi guys!

Just a quick question. I have a few clonable templates that were modified by adding to them new editable fields. In each case is happening the same thing:
If I'm creating new pages via databound forms or from admin area, data from all fields are saved.
But if I try to update pages created before the modifications, the data entered in newly added fields are not saved, but I still receive the confirmation message set on successful updating.
More strange thing is that if I try to save the pages without entering content in these newly added fields (which by the way are set as mandatory fields), I receive an error message that mandatory fields cannot be left empty.
Can anyone tell me why is this happening?
Hm.... there is no solution for this?

Have to take a look first-hand to know what is going wrong.
If your site is online you may PM me the FTP+Couch access creds and I can do that.

Please also mention clearly on which page(s) I can get to elicit the issue.
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