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I am evaluating CouchCMS and so far very happy :)

I am trying to create new pages offline (mypage.php) and then upload it to server by FTP.

The pages only have Comments (commentable='1') and do not have any Editable regions.

The issue is, the pages needs to be visited by a logged in user first. If a non-logged in user access the page, the log-in form is shown.

Can this be avoided so that the page with comment form is shown automatically without accessing it from the admin section ?

A new template (which is what you'll have upon FTPing a local template to the server) requires a super-admin to visit the template once so as to get it registered.

So when someone visits the unregistered template, a login box is shown - the idea is that the super-admin should login and thus complete the template's registration.
Once registered (the template appears in admin-panel sidebar), any normal visitor can visit it without any login prompt.

So please make sure to first visit all newly FTPed templates as super-admin at least once. You shouldn't see the login prompt after that.

Hope this helps.
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