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I noticed after upgrading to v2, some parts of the menu on the left seem out of place. I have attached a screenshot showing the menu issue and circled the menu issue

I have not came across the issue before so bit unsure how to solve it

Thank you in advance



Are any JS errors being reported in the browser's dev console?
If not then perhaps not all files were fully uploaded?
I suggest you please get the version of Couch available at GitHub ( and upgrade to that.

Do let me know if this helps.
Adding to my last post -
from the image you posted, it appears that some templates have pretty long names and that is causing the layout to be messed up.

Couch's behaviour for such names was to truncate them but a few weeks back Chrome v59 started displaying a bug where all sidebar items were given double heights. As a temporary fix for this, we had to make a little change to the admin-panel's CSS but that also necessitated skipping the truncation of long names ( ... 5bd5958402).

The recently released Chrome v62 seems to have fixed the regression so I have just now made a commit that reverts the CSS change (as it is no longer needed).

Please check your browser - if it is Chrome before v62, please upgrade the browser and use the latest version of Couch from GitHub.

Do let me know how it goes.

All seems ok now after downloading from the link you sent over, thank you appreciate it

Must of been all the files not uploading correctly

Thank you again, appreciate it
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