Have just moved entire database to a new server and have seen many int(1) for what should be boolean attributes e.g show_in_menu, is_master etc.

- is_master
- comments_open
- show_in_menu
- is_pointer
- open_external
- masquerades
- strict_matching

- disabled

- hidden
- required
- deleted
- collapsed
- crop
- enforce_max
- show_preview
- no_xss
- rtl
- disable_uploader
- searchable

These could be changed to TINYINT or even SMALLINT to maintain Postgres compatibility (if couch has it?!)

TINYINT uses 1 byte whilst INT uses 4 bytes.

Its a small optimisation but we saved about 5% from our total of 4tb databases. We saved over 200GB. It also saves additional space and time with indexing.

Again its not a huge optimisation but seems to be no downside. Thanks again to @trendoman for putting me onto the optimisation potential.