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Hey there. I want to create a business listing web site for my city. I know I can do it with Couch CMS but just need opinions on road map. (Website members will be create and delete own listings.) I think if I follow the instructions in Advanced Tutorial, I can achieve my goal. Am I think true?
I think it greatly depends on the feature list. Post your template html and then a definitive answer can be made on basis of what is there. It may also be of value to create a preliminary set of all possible urls for all pages of website. It includes sorting, ordering, links for view/edit etc. Advanced tutorial has a point for custom routes, but I don't think it is necessary and it may delay you for a week or two easily.
Hey trendoman. Thanks for reply. I want to share my html but still working on it and it's not complete yet. I wrote down 'members will create/delete own listing' but it's not necessary. Cos I want to make this website very simple. No member login is needed. I think a databound form in the front end is enough.
Here is my question. The listing add page is gonna be a single databound form but what about displaying single listing detail. Do i need to use custom routes to show details of listing?
I think it is as simple as redirect to the page-view. Each listing then is a cloned page in a clonable template with regular portfolio-like style - list-view, folder-view, page-view.

Once a visitor fills out a form for adding a new business with all details (a databound form), the form will be submitted as usual and upon successful creation of page the k_last_insert_page_name parameter will help you redirect the user to the listing details of the just created page along with 'success' message, passed with 'set_flash'/'get_flash' tag.
k_last_insert_page_name? I heard this tag for the first time. Can you give a simple example trendoman?
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