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I can't get events past August 16 to appear on the page, if the date is August 17 or above they just wont show up on the list for some reason.
That is because, by default, cms:pages skips posts that have a future date.
You can change that by setting the 'show_future_entries' parameter to '1' as follows -
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<cms:pages masterpage=k_template_name start_on=k_archive_date stop_before=k_next_archive_date orderby='publish_date' order='desc' show_future_entries='1'>

the months show up out of order if they are not posted sequentially (i.e if I post events for February before January, February shows up first when scrolling through the months).
The cms:pages tag, as seen above, is displaying posts ordered by their publish dates (newest first).

If your listing appears not be conforming to it, that can only mean that you are still using the custom field for date that @trendoman cautioned you against.

We absolutely will have to use the system publish_date for this solution as cms:archives works with only that.

To continue using your custom field, what we can do is make Couch save its value into the system publish_date as well. This will keep both the parties happy :)

There can be many solutions for doing this but you may use the following one - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7672#p12070

You'll have to resave the pages for the new dates to be persisted. Confirm that by going into the 'Advanced settings' dropdown and comparing the publish date shown there with that in the custom field.

Hope it helps.
Hi KK, I was actually using the publish dates from Advance Settings as trendoman suggested but the months are still showing up out of order; although the events themselves are listed in descending order within each month, if I publish events for say May before I do for April, April will show up before May on the list view even though on the admin panel they show up in the correct order. I did what you suggested though since it make it faster to edit the dates.

After setting show_future_entries='1' the pages with publish dates in the future showed up perfectly but when I deleted all the test pages from the admin panel to enter in some real events and see how they looked, the default clonable template page (the one titled "Default page for event.php * PLEASE CHANGE THIS TITLE *") was regenerated and it will show up along with any other cloned page in the appropriate month but now even if show_future_entries is set to 1, pages with dates after August won't show up (even though future events up to August 31 do show up).

Is there any way to fix this two things?
I'll have to look at the issue first-hand to know what is happening.
I don't suppose your setup is online at the moment. Once you do put it on the server grant me or Trendoman access to it and we'll take a look.

As for the 'default' page, either unpublish it to remove it from listing or edit it to use as a real entry.

The <cms:archives> tag also accepts the 'show_future_entries' parameter. Set it to '1' and it should show time periods beyond the current month.
Thank you so much! It's working now! Turns out all I had to do was order the months list by using the order parameter and also after adding the show_future_entries parameter to the archives tag its working like a charm. Thanks again trendoman and KK, you guys rock!
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