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I am following this post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9620&hilit=+member

I tried to send the mail to user after the owner activated or deactivated an account. But message won't send out, the user does not receive any mail.

Anything I missed?
here comes the weird part.

I tested it with gmail, hotmail, and my own webmail.

It sent the mail to gmail and my webmail but not to hotmail. Is this a normal situation or it just a bug?
If the mail is being received in even one account then the code that you are using is fine and you need to look at other things to find the cause for this problem.

Perhaps your host has email policies that prevents sending out mails to/from particular domains? Or maybe Hotmail is refusing to accept emails from your domain (moving them to spam).

Anyway, the point is - it is not a issue related to the code being used.
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