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Hello everybody. My question is to organize the areas of the "Back end": Titles and Sub-Titles, for a more user-friendly content management.
I'm developing a website on a single page using CouchCMS, a wonderful tool. (See image - OnePage).
The "HOME.PHP" page is subdivided into "sections". The contents of these sections are organized in other archives, ex.(section_A.html, section_B.html ..., section_N.html).

The sub-files are loading on the main page in the following structure:
<cms: embed 'section_A.html />
<cms: embed 'section_B.html' />
<cms: embed 'section_N.html' />.
However, I would like to have a "Back End" listing with each of these separate pages. Not the general content of the HOME.PHP page.
I can only see the HOME.PHP, which is very confusing and full of content to manage.
Please, I would like some help on how I should structure this template, facilitating content management. Would you have any other way to list that content in the "Back End"?
Hugs and I await feedback.

Ps. I apologize for my not very good English.


Hi :)

What you are looking for is a 'Single Page Site'.

For that, I think you should find the following thread useful -

Hope it helps.
Thank you very much, KK.
I will analyze your proposed model.
See you late. ;)
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