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I'm implementing a CMS system for a client. I use a clonable template to add blog posts to the website. However at the top of this blog page I have a background image that I'd also like to change with CMS.

Now I could create two templates, one for the posts and one for the header image. My problem with this is that it will show up as two seperate templates in the CMS and this can get confusing for the client. Ideally I'd like to add a non clonable region to the clonable template. So I can keep all the pages under one item the CMS system.

How would I go about this ?


Hello Hobie :)

I can see what you mean.
Unfortunately, as of now, using a separate template (as shown in the tutorial at ... bal-values) is the only available option.

You can expect this to change very soon but for now, I am sorry, you'll have to do with two templates.
All good, love the CMS and the staff support btw!
Lately i solved that by getting the headline and text for a overview site with a special page name like this. First create a page and name it Overview.

Now you can list the static text like this just from that single page:
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<cms:pages masterpage='your_clonable_template.php' page='overview'>
<cms:show headline/>
<cms:show text/>

and the text of the other cloned sites like this as list or whatever below:

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<cms:pages masterpage='your_clonable_template.php' page='NOT overview'>
<cms:show headline/>
<cms:show text/>

No need for a global.php or any other templates.
@cl, thanks, this is a nice hack ;)
Basically, that page needs to be "pinned" by (for example) using some future date to stay the first one in the list.
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