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I m trying to upload two jpg images that are 2.63MB and 2.70MB. I have made the relevant changes from others that are having the same issue but still get the error saying about the max size being 2MB

I have tried the php.ini way in the root, changing the includes/fileuploader/config.php file, changing the includes/plpupload/upload.php and the includes/timthumb.php files and still no joy

Can anyone help urgently please

UPDATE: Sorry got it sorted now, the host changed the upload max size to 32M and is ok now

Thank you in advance
Hi, recently I run into an error with uploads:
In backend when user uploads image she/he got a message:

image.jpg: The uploaded file exceeds 512 bytes.

I check config.php in fileuploader folder there was 2 on

['k_max_upload_size'] = '2';

I change that value to 0 for unlimited upload size and check out.

The error doesn't disappear. Where to look next?


See if you can add a higher value in your htaccess or php.ini file, if that don't work as some hosts don't accept it, ask your host to increase the size
@rdamir82, as @ianhaney50 correctly pointed out, this particular error is thrown by KCFinder when the settings in the server's 'php.ini' file disallow a file from being uploaded based on its size.

To rectify the issue, please find the php.ini file being used by your server and then edit it to set the following settings to larger values e.g. -
Code: Select all
upload_max_filesize = 25MB
post_max_size = 27MB

You may also try placing the following within 'couch/config.php' file (at the very end of it) -
Code: Select all
@ini_set( ‘upload_max_size’ , ’25MB’ );
@ini_set( ‘post_max_size’, ’27MB’);

If the trouble persists, please contact your hosting provider.

Hope it helps.
Thank You, guys!

After I located my "php.ini" file

with puting "phpinfo.php" file with content of: "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" on root of my website, and I run it, I realise I cant reach it.

I ask my provider to fix it.

Now everything is fine.
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