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Hi I have included the recaptcha addon on one of my websites but it doesn't seem to be showing on the page.

I have used -
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<cms:input name='recaptcha_test' type='recaptcha'/>

And have also listed the addon in my kfunctions file.

When I look into the chrome console I see a warning error of :

Uncaught Error: Missing required parameters: sitekey
at new op (recaptcha__en.js:382)
at new Kp (recaptcha__en.js:389)
at Object.Wp [as render] (recaptcha__en.js:395)
at k_onload_recaptcha_callback ((index):306)
at c (recaptcha__en.js:389)

Do we need to configure a API?

If you are using Couch v2.0, reCaptcha is now a part of the core addons so you don't really need to add it from kfunctions file.
The required API keys need to be set within the main 'couch/config.php' -
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// 27.
    // Google reCAPTCHA API Keys.
    // To use this captcha service, you need to sign up for an API key pair for your site.
    // Please visit '' to get the keys and enter them below.

Hope it helps.
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