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First of all, let me say that I love the new version of CouchCMS.
This is by far the easiest CMS I have ever used.

I have a question about licenses.
I'd like to use CouchCMS for a specific project.
For that project, I would have to install CouchCMS on my own servers multiple time for different users.
A bit like creating mini websites, under the same domain. Each mini websites would have their own CouchCMS admin panel.

I'd like to customize the admin section. So obviously I would buy the license for that. But do I have to buy a license every time I install the CMS? Even though it is on the same domain and server? Or can I just buy it once?

Hi @larin555,

A single domain name would require only a single license.

*However*, from what I could gather from your use-case's description, I think the commercial license will not cover the kind of site you are trying to create - please see the following paragraph from the license (
Unless you have been granted written consent from Webzyme Softwares Pvt. Ltd., you may not:

* Use the Software as the basis of a hosted web site publishing service.
* Reproduce, distribute, or transfer the Software, or portions thereof, to any third party.
* Sell, rent, lease, assign or sublet the Software or portions thereof.
* Grant rights to any other person.
* Use the Software in violation of any United States or international law or regulation.

I think you'll have to use the open-source license for it and leave Couch's logo and link in the admin-panel (you may customize everything else).

Hope this answers your query.
Hi KK,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
That answers my question!

Thanks again and have a great day!
I have two questions about two individual cases of subdomain usage.
1. Some time ago, I have bought a commercial license for the official website of my own production studio. Meanwhile, I'm considering creation of a simple CRM app for the studio's internal usage, based on jQuery and CouchCMS. Perhaps it would be made as a separate Couch installation with separate database, hosted on the company's website subdomain.
In such case, is a separate license required for the subdomain, hosting a CRM installation? Or is it treated as a part of the website which already has a license (pretty much like site translations could be, if they had separate databases)?

2. My second brand is all about webdevelopment, which of course entails buying a separate commercial license for every website I create with Couch. However, some websites could be temporarily hosted on my own subdomains (the parent domain already has a commercial license of its own). They could stay under the subdomain only until they are finished and then moved to their own, individual domains. In such case, can they use a parent domain's license, if their own licenses were bought the moment they're finished and moved to their final domains?

Thanks in advance! :)

This was the kind of question we used to regularly receive way back when Couch was closed-source (and encrypted using IonCube).

Since at that time the license, for IonCube loader to work correctly, required specifying the exact domain(s) it was meant to be valid for, a rule of thumb emerged - a license issued for '' would automatically work for '' or ''. However, it wouldn't work for sub-domains like '' or ''. We can still follow the same rules.

The above should answer your query about the CRM.
With regards to temporary sites (e.g. staging one for a client while in development), since the license is transferable you may get one for the final domain before the site is actually transferred there and it would apply to the temporary location as well while the site is a work-in-progress.

Hope this answers your query.
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