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Hi all, CouchCMS offers great support for self-taughts:

Once you are a licence owner, you get 1 month premium support from the owner( @KK ) over email. Also almost anything can be asked( and found! ) in forum.

Another option is to visit Couch Skype Chat,, where any question can be asked and answered by me or other folks. Excellent choice for a quick answer :D Alternatively, there is a Slack Chat,, which is also amazing and helpful (I can send you invite).

Another source of your coding inspiration is Tips&Tricks subforum -

What if you need more?

Sometimes it is a necessity( or good time/money-management !!) to hire an experienced developer to create a new couch tag, custom dashboard, ecommerce or document management solution, create efficient datatables and brand new app interface for registered visitors. It can be securely done with CouchCMS.

You can give me, Anton, any simple or complicated assignment to code business logic, spam-proof forms, ajax-powered datafeeds. I'll figure it out for you. Why? Because I love Couch and will accept any offer. Mm.. yeah, just let me know what you want, how much you will pay for it and it's taken into the flow, regardless.

If your financial contribution is tiny, then I probably find only an hour each day to work on your project, since there are bills to cover with other higher-priority tasks. But I guarantee you that I won't stop before you get what you want, no matter what it takes. Complete involvement is granted for a fair decent pay.

I love to code and test custom SQL scripts, optimize database, create addons and new tags for us to use. I'm great at complex tasks where nothing is clear but a solution comes with learning. Drop me a message and let's have some fun and smiles while getting things delivered.

People are saying about my work:
"Amazing good work and i must say it's a thrill to collaborate with him" ( viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10131 )
"Easy to contact, fast and responsive" ( viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10108 )

Email, PM or add me in skype (id:caviarant) to start working on the code ASAP.
Hello guys,
I want to share something with you - I develop an online store which has to work with caching.
It turned out that caching creates problems in the shopping cart!
Only a few hours Anton was ready with the decision and I already can use my favorite shopping cart across all pages in cache included.
I am very satisfied!
orbital wrote: Only a few hours Anton was ready with the decision and I already can use my favorite shopping cart across all pages in cache included.
I am very satisfied!

Appreciate it!
Thanks to this custom task we now also posted a tutorial here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10535
Hey all,

If you don't know how much time it takes to get the job done, then you need an honest quote.

Hire me for 1 hour to receive an honest quote. I will take a look at your job description and code. In an hour I'll estimate proper time needed for me to complete the task. I'll plan how I'd do it and you get as honest reply as possible.
How much do you charge for one hour?
Saskia wrote: How much do you charge for one hour?

Anton wrote: I love Couch and will accept any offer

Recently, one dud sent $10 for some extended task (php+sql). He'll get it in 7-8 weeks, since I'll invest an hour each weekend in the job. He said he's okay with that timeframe.

Anton wrote: Complete involvement is granted for a fair decent pay

Final rate for adequate offer depends on total invested hours. It's based on $10/hr to learn about your task, study, prepare templates, do simple things and $25/hr for the core coding, which essentially solves the task. This is what usually people offered me for the last 12 months and I'm okay with it.

Hope it answers your query :)
Hello All,

I have made up my mind and decided to shut down any paid work. So, I'm not for hire anymore.

On one hand, I do not want the rights to my work to be separated from me anymore for whatever single payout money it is.
On the other hand, I am welcoming any kind of partnerships, where I become a part of the project, whether it is coding the backend or doing some thinking, marketing or whatever. It can be a profit sharing or another form of acknowledgement for non-profits.

Thanks :) It was a great time and it is an awesome present now, along with blessed CouchCMS :D
Hi, Anton!

I'm so sad to read your previous post because I hesitate a while to ask you for support. :cry:
Did you ever think about to do some paid course like u-demy courses or something similar for COUCH:CMS ?

I'm a newcomer in web design, programming, and couch but beginner tutorial was a super understandable for me too (I do it twice).

I have issues with: advanced search implementation, multilanguage, CSV-import, how to make unique admin panel, DataBound Forms, and user registration etc.

Have a nice day!
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