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Hi all, I am launching free skype channel, link:
Skype installation not required, this is a web app.
European time online throughout the day.

Welcome to Couch Skype Chat: ask questions and receive some free little help as fast as possible.

This is *not* an official support. It's just our little party.
Nothing is guaranteed or promised! No answers about new couch 2.0 beta. I keep this online for as long as I work with couch every day, doing various stuff for others. Again, Skype software installation not required, you can login as guest.


P.S. If you read this topic, then it is live and available :D

As of october, 2016 there are over 20 people there.
As of january, 2017 there are over 30 people there.
Also there is a new channel on Slack ... ack#p26015
A very useful thing to get quick answers for many questions. In some cases, much faster than forum. Especially when it is difficult to formulate. Anton generously shares his experience with Couch. :D And of course the live chat is really live!
A big thanks to trendoman for his great help via skype.

By the way this is Unofficial help - given generously by a CouchCMS user.

trendoman is NOT the developer - so be pleasant when you chat with him :-)

hi... thanksss so much for this skype online support.. This really help me so much.. Very fast reply and can solved the issue strictly :)
I got some really quick and useful help on the chat room. Special thanks to Trendoman :)
Great idea Trendoman. Do you still run the Skype hotline?
My Hydromax X50 pump works good.
Taegan wrote: Great idea Trendoman. Do you still run the Skype hotline?

Yep, I do. Welcome.
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