I am trying to get a JS search box (VisualSearch.js) working with little knowledge of JS. I managed to assign value to a hidden cms:input and submit the form with JS form.submit.

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This is how Search looks like and its GET values (serialized, whatever that means and looks like an array)
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I am attaching completed working sample and a simplest couch template with it, where search is passing values with GET to couch cms:form, using the following addon in jsscript:
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/*START: ADDED FOR COUCH FORM */            
           var element = document.getElementById("total");
           element.value = searchCollection.serialize();
/*END: ADDED*/            

I would like someone who can at least *read* JS check this out and share a feedback.
Help is needed to create 'Search' button and make GET/POST request more easy to parse, whithout complications. Ideally, all the prefetched data for autocomplete and suggestions could be placed out of search.php file, to make it manageable with a lot of data.. Please and Thanks!
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Edit: Found a simplified and modern sample
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