Has anyone got Smoothbox to work with the Gallery? I downloaded the demo from GitHub and (after discovering that it wouldn't work with jQuery newer than 1.8.3) got the demo to work on my site. However, I can't get it to work in my Gallery. As instructed, I included the css, js, and jQuery. Then when I click an image (with the class="sb" added to my ul li a links), the js dims the screen but it just hangs there.

[EDIT#1:] I suspect it's because the Smoothbox demo uses href= the actual jpg file, but Couch does href= the page number of the image. Right? So how to get the url for the jpg? cms:dump isn't showing me anything in the li loop.

[EDIT#2:] HAH! Fixed it myself!!!! (I'm getting the hang of this finally, YAY). I just replaced href=<cms:show k_page_link> with <cms:show gg_image>. Amazing!