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So then i have a general question regarding UPLOADING images from the front-end.

I know there are some other post about this, but anyway here goes my question!

I made a databound form for my users and on that form there is several INPUTs that they must fill out. Also at the end they must attach/upload a image that gets saved to db with the rest of fields.

I did try several methods, but without any luck. Also including all css and js like KK posted in other post, but it will not work.

So im hoping someone here maybe have a solution for this, maybe a hack around or something.

The documentation on DataBound Forms ( discusses a sample application that also features uploading resume files.

It is a fully working sample so I suggest you please study it and, I'm sure, that would help you in duplicating the functionality on your site.

To repeat something that we have already discussed in another thread of yours - we'll need to use 'securefile' editable region for uploads from the front-end (normal 'image' and 'file' regions are not permitted for non-admins so would be useless in the context).

Hope it helps.
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