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Im kind off new to this, im running wamp server on my computer and i am trying to install couch cms locally on my computer. Im using the "Aurelius" template and I have the couch folder added to the localhost folder. I have renamed the confg_example.php to config.php.

my question is when you open the config.php file, I need a database name, database username, database password and host. could anyone tell me how to set up a database to use with couch cms??
Hi mcneela86,

You can use phpMyAdmin that comes bundled with WAMP.
If WAMP is running properly on your system, you can find phpMyAdmin by navigating to -
Or you could click the taskbar icon of WAMP and select phpMyAdmin from there.

Once phpMyAdmin shows up, create a new database giving it any desired name. Make sure to select the Collation to utf8_general_ci.

You can google around for wampserver and phpmyadmin to find tutorials.
One such tutorial is at ... ampserver/
It pertains to installing Wordpress but the general principles of creating database applies to CouchCMS too.

Do let us know if you need more help.
hi thanks for the help, I had to add the ioncube loaders. I'v gotten as far as the instalation screen and when I enter username, password and email address and press the install button I get the following message:
Untitled.png (9.43 KiB) Viewed 3674 times

any help would be awsome, thanks

Are you sure the database has been created properly?
Have you entered the database name, database user's name and password in config.php?
Please check in phpMyAdmin if all these things are ok and let me know.
hi, yea everything I have entered is correct. im not sure but it seems like it mite be a confliction between the config.php and the wamp server??
That is sticky situation you happen to be in.

Unfortunately since you are testing on your local system there really is little we can do to resolve the problem.

If you happen to have access to a web host, it would be great if you test out Couch over there. This way, in case you run into some trouble, we can at least login ourselves and see first hand what is going wrong.
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